MVHS Book Club

What is a book club?
A book club is a group of people who read a book and then get together to talk about it.
Who can join?
Anybody at Mountain Vista! You can see who has already joined by looking at the Member Bios tab. Once you join, don’t forget to add your own bio so that we can get to know you too.
How does it work?
Each month a couple of the book club members will put their heads together to choose a common book or author to read. The goal is to choose books that most people have not read before.
When and where does it meet?
Check out the Meeting Schedule tab to see the specifics but basically, the club will meet the second Thursday of the month during SOAR (8:15) in the library.
Do I have to buy all the books?
Well, you can if you would like to but checking the books out from the school library or the neighborhood library is also a great option.Take a look at the Get the Books tab to find links to local libraries and bookstores.